We offer training that will prepare you for your stay in countries of diverse climates and cultural environments, as well as for managing life and work in the conflict zone. Our offer is unique on the Polish and European markets. We specialise in non-European countries, in particular the former Soviet region, Asia, Africa and South America (click here to learn more About us).

We will prepare you to face different cultures and climates, teach you how to communicate with the local population and how to avoid misunderstanding and conflict that stem from lack of knowledge. You will also learn how to behave in a crisis situation. We offer both theoretical and practical training, with particular emphasis on practice (read more about our Training).

Why Lessons Learned? As individuals, we have often witnessed crisis situations resulting from an area’s natural environmental conditions, as well as from a conflict between the local population and outsiders. Our observations have led us to believe that such conflict most often arise as a result of mutual distrust, lack of understanding and ignorance. Regardless of the underlying cause, any such conflict situation is a potential threat to the health and/or life of all involved. In order to minimalise this threat proper preparation is necessary, while professional practical training makes the crisis situation easier to endure and survive. We know this from experience.